First ever staycation #Lazylagoon #Goa !!!

Hello, everyone, I am back from vacation and now it’s time to spam you guys with my Goa Memories.

So many things to share so let’s start with my first ever staycation at Lazylagoon Sarovar Portico Suites ‘Goa, now what If you are planning a trip to Goa and then suddenly you see an Instagram notification saying “ Hey you won #Belazy contest by #lazylagoonsarovarportico’’ and in prize you got a night complimentary stay at this beautiful riverside view hotel @sarovar_goa. And then what I was crazily dancing and yelling in excitement. @sarovar_goa is one of the best places to stay in Goa.

Firstly this is the best place to stay because the famous and the happening Baga beach is just a kilometre away. We were welcomed with a refreshing drink, shells garland and smiling faces. Our room was surrounded with river view and from our balcony whole hotel can be seen, I am unable to express that calm ambience, it was indeed a much-needed break for me.

First thing which I did after entering my suite is jump, me and Vanshika we both were madly jumping on cosy bed singing and shouting (don’t worry rooms are soundproof ) and then I started exploring everything started from mini bar which was filled with drinks, nuts, chips and chocolates, after opening chips packet we got to know its chargeable 😛 and I kept everything back as it is hahhahahahah. The bathroom had Dryer, makeup mirror, #biotique toiletries (shampoo, body wash and moisturizer), hair cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair cap, soaps (I kept these toiletries while checkout typical Indians 😂). It has a small shower area which has got 24 hours hot water facility (it’s automatic no need to switch on the geyser and wait). The washroom has got a telephone too just in case you are in the shower and need something one single call at reception and before finishing your shower the staff will be at the doorstep to help you out.

After taking shower we went to BALCAO The Dining area of @sarovar_goa, this has beautiful interior, while my husband was busy in ordering lunch I explore the rest of the dining area, there’s a hookah bar on the top of Balcao where you can watch matches, enjoy drinks, hookah and indoor hockey game and all this with beautiful greenery view. When I came down to see what Deep & Vanshika were doing, as usual Vanshika was throwing things and running here and there but the staff patiencely and with a smile on face takes care of her , trying to give her pen and paper to draw and write but my naughty baby was in no mood to play with anything (exploring baby of exploring mama). Then the staff bring our tasty lunch the Authentic Indian recipes like paneer lababdaar, masala bindi and soft #maakehaath ki Fulke trust me nothing can beat this, and desert hot Gulabjamun was cherry on top. After finishing our lunch we took a small hotel tour and then we went back to room for short nap.

In evening we went out to the fishing deck, yes one of the best thing about @sarovar_goa they are located next to river and they have specially designed fishing deck where you can sit and enjoy the mesmerizing sunset and do fishing or just sit and watch fisherman catching fish and crabs. While I was enjoying my me time sitting at deck Deep and Vanshika were running and playing in play area (I love Deep, he is a busy man but whenever he gets time he spends it at fullest with me and Vanshika also he asks me to take rest and enjoy my time). We spend the whole evening talking and playing with Vanshika.

In the night we planned to invite our friends for dinner at @sarovar_goa dining area Balcao, we want them to taste the Delicacies of Goa made by experienced chefs. I informed the restaurant team an hour before about out plan so that they can prepare everything. We again ordered some authentic Indian dishes and our guest enjoyed it alot.
The next morning we did a checkout.
I simply love the luxurious green beauty of @sarovar _goa, they have maintained everything in a natural and classy way. Its perfect place for couples & family also. Friendly staff, green property, peaceful ambience and great facility everything in one place, next time if you visit Goa do your stay at @sarovar_goa.


My visit to India’s one of best prep school and day care – Klay Prep school.

Hello everyone today I visited @klay_prep_school and Day Care and I must say it was one of the most amazing school visit experience for me.

I am actually jealous of these days kids God they have the best facilities I wish I had these at my time.
So now all parents who are planning to send their kids to Kindergarten/play school or working parents looking for Daycare centre then Must visit @klay_prep_schools and daycare.
✅Why they are best✅
1. Trained and trusted staff- at @klay_prep_schools staff is well qualified and trained and we all can actually trust them. The way teachers and rest of the school staff take care of kids and babies you will feel as if you are sending your lifeline to another home.

2. Smartly and safely designed – The moment kids entered in #klay campus they will hardly going to miss their parents and even parents won’t going to worry about kids safety. Specially designed Room, Door locks, Wall or staires corner secured with foams, Small cots, For infants crib with mattress and booster seat for safe eating.

3. Fresh, tasty and healthy meals – At #klay a proper kitchen is establish to prepare fesh and healthy meals. Only vegetarian food is cooked and kitchen staff ensure the meal is cooked with 100% hygiene and make sure kids are not allergic to any ingredients.

4. Age based learning and well equipped classrooms – All the programs are crafted by early education experts which make kids independent enhances their creative skills and also work on communication skills. With this activites like art and carft, open end plays, outdoors and role play brings overall development.

5. You are under CCTV- not a single area is left without cctv to make it more safe and also parents can watch their kids anytime and keep an eye on their activity.

6. A healthy and happy environment for kids and staff – Whether its prep school or day care, whole schedule is designed in a way that kids as well as staff gets time and rest. Infact School has a complete nap time too.

Klay prep school and day care is India’s largest and most trusted parenting partner, Klay sets the standard for early childhood education engaging children between the ages of 5 months to 10 year in an exciting wall pack with stimulating learning experiences that arm them for tomorrow’s wall with the curriculum crafted by export and based on the theory of multiple intelligences enquiry based learning and experiential learning which strengthen the future of children .

With this Klay is compliant with the National Association for the education of young children standards they encourage children to explore the world around them and ignite the imagination and creativity.

Till now there are 15000 + happy parents 7500 + Happy Children’s 125 + centres and working in 7 Different cities.

If you are looking for prep school or day care then must visit Klay Prep school, I am sure you will also love this place.

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5 Gift options which will melt your better half heart !!!

Hello, lovebirds!!!

Love month is here and if you love someone and want to share your feelings with him or her then this is the right time. Valentine ’s Day is the day of love & affection, so share your heart with the one with you LOVE deeply. But the biggest question comes out how???? Now whether it’s a boy or a girl both love gifts so this Valentine ’s Day surprise your Valentine with some beautiful gifts.

Here I have 5 options which will melt your better half and fall for you.

1. Red heart cups: Don’t break the heart and rest leave to these Red heart cups by stallion barware. If you and your love doesn’t have much to do then sit at home sip coffee have red velvet cake and share your feelings the best thing isn’t it. The very cute red heart cups are just made for the couple. These are unbreakable, lightweight and made with food-safe plastic. Hurry limited edition don’t miss them.

2. Twinning T-shirts: She’s mine- He’s mine, King-Queen, Soul-Mate, Twinning t-shirts with such titles will obviously look super cute and makes you look different from others, flaunt your love with such twinning t-shirts or hoods.

3. Champagne Flutes: Wine + Dine + Time the best thing you can give you love. The beautiful Champagne Flutes by Stallion barware are specially curated for the special day. These are unbreakable, lightweight and made with food-safe material and can be used for serving water, alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks.

4. Couple Rings: Couple rings with Vows will make your partner fall for you, Bend down on your knees and Ask purpose your love once again and make him or her super special, I am sure it will be your best Valentines day ever.

5. Valentines Chirpy Cups: Is your partner a tea or coffee lover then he or she will love this, a perfect sipper which a cute love message. Why not give each other these attractive sippers are share your hearts. These are made with food-safe material, BPA Free and can be recycled.

So these were some different gift option which will make your Loveday special. Let me know in the comment what you gifted your love.

Happy Valentine’s day.



Review of Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter

Hello, Dear Moms!!!

Today’s post is especially dedicated to us moms, who are good at multitasking; managing the house, career, and baby. We handle so many things that sometimes we forget to take time out for ourselves, especially to relax.

So, I thought, why not share something which is special and easy to use, and caters to our skin care needs?

Recently, Himalaya FOR MOMS launched their Soothing Body Butter range, which is specially formulated to take care of the skin during and after pregnancy. In my review today, I am going to talk to you about this range.

Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter is available in three variants; the calming fragrance of Lavender, the uplifting fragrance of Rose, and the rejuvenating fragrance of Jasmine.

What the Soothing Body Butter claims:

  • Helps soothe and soften extra dry skin

  • Provides long-lasting hydration

  • Intensely moisturizes and deeply nourishes the skin

Price & quantity:

295/- for 200ml, which, according to me, is quite pocket friendly.


Easily available online & offline

My experience and rating:

Himalaya FOR MOMS Soothing Body Butter has a thick, creamy texture which gets absorbed into the skin, making it soft and moisturized. I recommend this to pregnant women and for moms post-delivery, because during both these phases, the skin goes through drastic changes and hydrating the skin with a body butter will help in making it soft and supple.

The Soothing Body Butter does exactly this. Its intense moisturizing property keeps the skin nourished for longer. All the three fragrances are just awesome and relaxing. Cocoa Butter and Glycerin work perfectly to soothe dry skin.


alking about the packaging, it is easy to carry in your bag, and in case you don’t want to carry the big tub, it is also available in 100ml and 50ml packs.

Overall, it’s a hit with me, and I would rate it 4.5 out of 5.

Borosil hydra review.

Keep Calm & drink water!!!
We all know benefits of drinking water, it flushes out toxins, promotes weight management, gives ener, keeps the body hydrate etc here I am not going to emphasis on it because come on we all know that. Here I want to discuss on having water correctly, I have seen a lot of people carrying drinking water in plastic bottles, Plastic drinking bottles contain many chemicals, chemicals like bisphenol-A, or BPA, and phthalates and what not. Chemicals in the plastic can leach into bottled water, especially when exposed to heat or when the bottle is old. Drinking water from such bottles can lead to liver cancer, hormonal imbalance and several XYZ issue.

@borosilandyou presents BOROSIL HYDRA which are amazing range of the bottles. The best part is you can carry water and beverages like tea and coffee easily in this and it keeps them hot and cold for complete 24 hours.
🏵Vacuum insulated steel flask with inside-outside stainless steel, grade 304, which is rust free.
🏵Copper coated inside for better heat retention.
🏵Keeps beverages hot or cold for 24 hours.
🏵The lid is leak proof.
🏵All plastic components are BPA free.
🏵Press N pour lid for convenience.
🏵Sturdy quality and stylish design.
🏵Easy to carry and hold design.
👉Price –
🌷Thermo 500 – SSflask–₹625/-
🌷Flair – 500 – On the go- ₹625/-
👉Available – Both online and offline.

👉My experience and rating- Well #borosil needs no introduction, earlier we use to see borosilicate products only but from past few years, they have launched a huge range of crockery’s, electronic appliances, bottles and whatnot. This bottle range is quite impressive, @borosilandyou designed these #thermo bottles in a perfect way (Stylish sturdy & effective). As said Bottles keeps hot and cold for 24 hours. And with this, they have got a 1-year warranty too. So for me, this is a hit product you can buy them offline or online(better online for great discount). My rating 5 out of 5.
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Looking for Good quality Blender & Grinder!!!

Hello Everyone!!!ll

You all know my love for cooking and eating. I am a big time foodie but prefer homemade food instead of having outside food which is unhealthy and unhygienic.
A good blender & grinder is must in the kitchen and @borosilandyou Nutrifresh Blender & Grinder has got all the points covered which a good B & G appliance required. Whether its classy look, lightweight, compact body, sharp blades and the strong 400W motor everything is perfect. Let’s know more about it.
🏵Stainless steel blades which give fine grinding & blending experience.
🏵Detachable blades attachment & containers.
🏵LED power display (see blue light).
🏵2 speed with pulse function.
🏵Unbreakable PC jars.
🏵Inbuild jar locking system for safety.
🏵Long power cord. .
🏵2 different lid (storage & seasoning).
@borosilandyou Nutrifresh B&G are made especially for coconut grinding, smoothies, wet grinding, dry grinding (spices) and smooth paste. It is definitely a must-have in an Indian kitchen, If you are planning to buy a blending & grinder then do checkout @bororsilandyou Nutrifresh. One more thing it is available on #amazon on huge discount so hurry to grab it.

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Creative Play for Creative minds!!!

Keeping kids active mentally and physically is really important and only books and playing is not complete for overall growth. For such overall development parents should organize creative play which is a combination of play and study, such creative play enhances child’s concentration and makes them more sharper. But the biggest issue with us is our tight schedule, job and off course technology. Whenever we are busy we encourage our little one to watch rhymes on mobile or cartoons on television. Now guys technology is to help us but we become dependent on it and result is various health and anxiety issue.

“So when I heard that #firstcry has launched subscription boxes series for different age groups called @firstcryintellikit I decided to give it a try”

Its a monthly subscription box with 9-10 activities in one box.

“The theme of our #Intellikit was the #worldtraveller box which is for age group 4-6 years”

What this kit contains:-

1. Nine different activities.

2. One activity tracker and calendar.

3. One performance chart.

Let’s talk about activities given in #worldtraveller box:-

1. Passport Ready – This explains the first level of how you can become a world traveller and importance of passport in travelling.

2. Time to pack your bags – It teaches kids how to pack bags and what all necessities are packed while travelling.

3. Travel Sudoku – Sudoku game which needs to play with wonders of the world.

4. Hungry on board – This teaches kids how meals are prepared in the air.

5. Tangram travels – Interesting and compact travel activity, prepare your own #tangram puzzle.

6. I Spy – Again a fun game which you can play with the help of given magnifying glass.

7. Travel Memories – Learn how to preserve travel memories in scrap book

8. Very First flight – If you are travelling first time in flight, it will give you tell the whole procedure with flash cards and colorful pictures.

9. Travel Worksheets – Time for small test, worksheets with drawings, puzzles and some questions.

Benefits of such Activity box:-

As I mentioned above creative play enhances child’s basic qualities and makes them more sharper and active. @firstcryintellikit is designed by specialist and focuses on physical, cognitive, language, social and emotional development. Parents and kids should perform these activities together to make their special bond more strong. Now the most important benefit @firstcryintellikit makes your child smarter in 8 ways that is NATURE, BODY, PICTURE, PEOPLE, SELF, WORD, MUSIC & LOGIC.

My experience with @firstcryintellikit.

One single box with so many meaningful fun activity which focuses on overall development. With this everything is present in this box and you need not to buy anything from out. Activities are interesting and perfectly suitable for the mentioned age group. My rating 5 out of 5.

P.s – Do Give it a try guys and use my coupon code VanshI70OFF and get 70 % off on @firstcryintellikit.