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Tingaland – An Incredible Place for Children to Unveil Their Creativity

It is usually observed that parents find it difficult to help their kinds get rid of gadgets or video games addiction. Without any doubt, obsession to technology may lead young minds towards something unhealthy. But the question arises here how to get rid of this problem. I was also worrying about the same when I thought about my two year daughter Vanshika. But one day, one of my friends told me about Tingaland. It is an indoor playground in Starling mall sector 104, Noida, UP.

It is not an ordinary playground for children. The best part of this indoor playground for kids is that it helps young children unveiling their creativity.

No Gadgets and Lazy Video Games

When I first visited this wonderland for children called Tingaland, I was surprised to know that there were no usual electronic video games or gadgets. It means that you can easily help your little champ getting rid of machine obsession. Instead, you can provide them a unique but creative atmosphere where they can learn how to discover their hidden abilities. When I visited this indoor playground in Noida with little girl called Vanshika, I found that my girl started learning new things over there. She enjoyed playing with innovative puzzles, doing craft and yes painting.

Creative Freedom for Kids  

Just imagine about a playground where you can help your children enhancing their memory and learning abilities. Yes, Tingaland is such a place where children can easily boost their inner capabilities. It means that they can increase the memory, learning skills and how to deal with problems. There are different types of puzzles and creative games available to play. By playing here at this indoor playground, your child can be able to unveil his creativity.

Vanshika Loves Creating Artistic Images

I had no idea that my little baby could be able to create such fantastic and creative images. It was the time when I first visited at Tingaland. However, there are lots of options to go with when it comes to playing, but Vanshika chose art according to her creativity. Here, you need to remember that you don’t need to insist your kid to choose a particular game in order to unlock his creativity. You just need to let your kid go there. And you should just simply sit and enjoy sipping coffee.

Relaxation Time for Mothers

Being a mother I always find it difficult to cope with time management. But thanks to Tingaland that helps me saving time for myself. When you visit at this indoor playground in Noida, you just need to let your child play here according to her choice. And yes, you simply need to be relaxed. If you are looking for relaxation time, you need to look at nowhere else but Tingaland. You won’t need to worry about whether your child is playing with a safe game or not. Unlike traditional entertainment options for children, Tingaland offers unique, customized and creative gaming solutions to young minds.

If you are looking for real creative development for your kid, I would recommend you visiting at Tingaland.


How Teddyy Changing Mat Helped Me Make My Baby Feel Great!

Without any doubt, you would always like to choose quality products to ensure the comfort of your baby. However, there are different types of baby products in the market to choose from, and finding the right one can be a tough task to accomplish. But thank God! One day, I came to know about Teddyy Changing Mat (earlier I’d been using the usual mat for my baby).

When I started using this new disposable baby mat, I found it to be very great. Now, I have lots of additional time for my family (it has reduced my cleanup duties significantly!).
The best part of this incredible disposable changing mat is that it protects my baby from unwanted health issues. Here, I’m going to tell you about my experience with this disposable baby mat called Teddyy Changing Mat.

Significant Features of Teddyy Changing Mat
Now that I am advising you to choose Teddyy Changing Mat, you will surely first like to know more about its features. You will always like to choose the best out of the best products for your little champ. So, let me enlist a few features of this disposable baby mat called Teddyy Changing Mat that make it stand apart from the crowd of other disposable mats in the market.

  • Anti-bacterial cover
  • Made of soft, spongy material to keep the baby comfortable
  • Water-resistant back sheet (to prevent staining and make cleanup easy)
  • A criss-cross design which helps in preventing leakages
  • Comfortable for babies
  • Gel technology (to absorb the spills quickly and efficiently)
  • Easy to use

This Disposable Baby Mat Is Easy To Use
If you are looking for a super absorbent baby mat, you need to look nowhere else, but Teddyy Changing mat. When I started using this mat, I thought that it would be tough to use it. But I was certainly wrong. Now, I find it easy to use this disposable changing mat for my baby. Since it is made of soft spongy material, it’s super comfy for my little one. And this is something that I want to share with all the mothers — when you are looking for a product for your baby, you should concentrate on choosing something that can enhance the comfort of the baby. The same applies to choosing a disposable mat, and Teddyy fits that bill perfectly.

Quality Disposable Mats For Babies
It is usually observed that most of the moms simply choose anything when it comes to choosing a disposable mat. But it is not a good practice. Indeed, you can just use and throw the product, but it still doesn’t mean that you should ignore the quality of the same. So, if you don’t want to compromise the health of your little champ, you need to choose a disposable mat that is made of quality material. You should avoid choosing disposable mats of substandard quality. If you ignore the quality factor while choosing a baby product, you will repent your decision later.

Where Can I Find Teddyy Changing Mat?
Having gone through my unbiased review, I am sure many of you would like to grab Teddyy Changing Mat. For this, you need to look nowhere else, but online shopping. I came to know about this product online and then went on Amazon to grab a great deal. You too can grab the best deal by buying Teddyy Changing Mat online and make sure your baby feels better than ever before!
Teddyy changing mats prove to be my life savior while traveling.
They are really useful and multi-purpose.
I use them for changing my little one’s diapers as well as while giving him an oil massage and even as a safety sheet in his pram while going out. These are lightweight and convenient and fit easily in my diaper bag. I suggest every mom should at least try this once. I am sure they will love it.

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Vanshika’s daily skin care routine

Hello Everyone!!!The extra touch of care for your little one doesn’t mean extra expenses or investing a lot of time. It just requires using the rightin baby skin care products and routine and voila their skin is ready to fight the numerous skin care concerns.Here I am sharing Vanshika’s daily skin care routine:

✅Oil Massage – Though she is 22 months-old, we hardly skip our massage time because I feel massage relaxes her body, soothes muscles and gives her good sleep. I massage her body with a mild baby oil after which I give her a lukewarm water bath. I try to keep a difference of only 15 minutes between massage and bath.

✅Soap – Use a mild baby soap or wash, which has soothing properties.Currently I am using the Himalaya BabyCare Refreshing Baby Soap and Refreshing baby wash for Vanshika. The Himalaya Refreshing Baby Soap and Washhas cooling, refreshing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The soap is enriched with Watermelon that helps cool the skin, Khus-Grass which soothes and refreshes the skin and Neem has antibacterial properties. It is a good option for babies with oily skin as it keeps the baby’s skin free of excess oil and fresh.The wash is enriched with Watermelon and Neem and working effectively and is dieal for parents who opt for a wash than a soap.

✅Moisturizing lotion – Moisturizing baby’s skin is important because in summers the skin loses a lot of moisture, making it dry and dehydrated. Also, the summer heat can cause a lot of heat rashes and that’s why I moisturize her skin just after bath withthe Himalaya Soothing Calamine Baby Lotion.Calamine helps in effectively managing prickly heat.Aloe Vera in the lotion accelerates healing of the skin. The lotion is easily absorbed and does not leave the skin feeling sticky.

✅Baby Powder – Parents are a bit skeptical when it comes to powder but let me tell you babies are just like us. Their skin sweats and causes discomfort. Sweat and bacteria results in rashes and prickly heat. That’s why for the last few months I have been using Himalaya Baby Prickly Heat Powder. This powder gives instant relief from itching caused by prickly heat. It has Neem which helps protect the baby’s skin from infections, rashes and inflammation. Khus Grass helps managae excessive sweating and refreshes the skin. I always sprinkle prickly heat powder on Vanshika’sback, below neck, underarms, inner thighs and under knee.All the Himalaya baby care products are gentle, natural and reasonably priced. Like I said, only a little change in skin care routine can make scorching summers easy for babies and their skin.

Let me know in the comment section what changes you did to make these summers better for babies?

Child Education

Visit to Billabong International high school, Hadapsar.

Hello #punekars!!!

🔆An investment in knowledge pays the best Interest🔆

The most famous and trusted in the field of Education is now in #pune.
Yes, Billabong High International School has opened its branch in #amanorapark #hadapsar in #pune.

The school has been open under the flagship of Kangaroo kids International school.
The admission process has already started so if you are looking for a school for your little one, I would suggest you read my complete post on why parents should send their kid to Billabong High International School.

📌 #BHISpune is set up in a 2-acre lush green plot.

📌 #BHISpune has proposed CBSE and IGCSE pattern, starting from preschool to Grade 5, soon going to extent into more grade.

📌 #BHISpune has an innovation room, along with studies they have a unique range of sports and performing Arts activities.

📌 #BHISpune has a curriculum based on neuroscience.

📌 #BHISpune believes in innovation technology therefore digitally equipped classes.

📌 #BHISpune world-class infrastructure for performing extracurricular activities.

📌 #BHISpune has experienced well trained and disciplined staff.

📌 #BHISpune makes sure all safety and security norms are followed properly.

These were major points which I like about Billabong High International School, every parent want only best for their kids and I think #bhispune is one of the best and trusted education partner, so do visit Billabong High International School.

For Information on Admission, call connect 8291158390.

Exact Address

Malwadi Rd,

Behind Suzlon One Earth Office,

Amanora Park Town,

Hadapsar, Pune,

Maharashtra – 411028

Have a 360° Virtual tour at #BHISPune website for a clear view of school infrastructure (link below).

360° View

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Health food

Health Food – Jaggery Candy

Sugar a reason behind many health issues like diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and many more.

🔴Why sugar is not good for health?

💠Causes weight gain.

💠Increase risk of heart diseases.

💠Increase risk of diabetes.

💠Increase risk of cancer.

💠Accelerate ageing process.

💠Increase risk of fatty liver.

💠Tooth decay.

💠Skin issues like acne.

Now does this mean we should stop our sugar intake? Answer is no instead of processed sugar we should opt for something which is more healthy and we all know “Organic Jaggery” is a good substitute of sugar. “Gur” or Jaggery has many health benefits and high nutrition value which is why even Doctor suggest to take small amount of Jaggery every day.

Today I would like to introduce a healthy way of munching sugar, @jaggic_magic it’s a candy made out of 100% natural jaggery. These tasty candies are made with traditional method are absolutely free from preservatives and chemicals. Not only this, no chemical used in farming of sugarcane, this makes it more better than a normal jaggery available in the market.

@jaggic_magic converted our traditional sweet into a interesting candy and these candies are available in different flavors like Alma, Moringa, Turmeric, Ginger and Fennel, the one we are munching these days is Amla. These candies are loaded with calcium, vitamins and Iron.

Now If you are like us who crave for sugar after every meal and don’t want to gain extra calories and additional fat then @jaggic_magic candies is a good option, plus no fear of tooth decay.

If your little one is 1 year above and you want him or her to taste candies then you can try @jaggic_magic (under parent supervision to avoid choke) and the best part is all the family members can enjoy this candy.

🔘Available – Website & #amazon.
🔘Price – Rs. 135 for 60 candies.
🔘Follow @jaggic_magic.

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Ethnic is new fashion

Eid Mubarak everyone!!!Some people consider Ethnic wear loud and suitable for only special occasion whereas some consider it boring and behanji style. .
So let me correct you and show something which is equally stylish and comfortable.

💓@paisleiclothing Store has a variety of ethnic collection, everything which you can wear on simple office day, on festivals or small – big family functions.

🔆 Lehanga
🔆 Kurti n Kurta
🔆 Dupatta
🔆 Leggings
🔆 Jeggings
🔆 Unstitched Fabric
🔆 Kurta dresses.
🔆 Palazzos
🔆 Pants
🔆 SkirtsAll the above options in the latest design, style and according to Indian weather.Do check out @paisleiclothing Stores, this one is #Pacificmall #kaushambi.
Also, you can shop directly from their website.P.S – #plussize a good news they have last size 5XL, so all plus size sisters can shop some statement ethnic dresses.Let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite.


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Iron A vital mineral

Disclaimer – some information of post is googled but its 99.99% True. .
Iron is a mineral vital to the proper function of haemoglobin, a protein needed to transport oxygen in the blood. Iron also has a role in a variety of other important processes in the body. A shortage of iron in the blood can lead to a range of serious health problems, including iron deficiency anaemia.

Now one more fact women have higher anaemia rates than men. .
💠Symptoms of anaemia include:-




🔥Difficulty concentrating.




Changing lifestyle increase Anaemia cases which is why nutritionist & doctors suggest to include Iron supplements in diet.

@keganwellness offers range of health supplements for women. .
Its been a week now consuming Fast Fe tablets.

@keganwellness Fast Fe tablets Helps in treating iron deficiency, treating Anemia,for proper absorption of food, for supply increased requirement of folate in the body during pregnancy.
Also these are Specially coated for sustained release of iron, unlike other iron supplements these don’t cause constipation. These tablets has trace of Zinc also which helps in building immune system.
If you are suffering for anaemia or have above symptoms do consult with doctor and try Fast Fe by @keganwellness.
Also if you have busy lifestyle and you are thinking to start with health supplements do checkout wide range of @keganwellness supplements. .
Price – Rs. 250 for 30 tablets.

Available- #Amazon #Flipkart.

P.s – Pleas consult a doctor if you have any medical condition.

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